Crazy Dunkers

Bravo à l’équipe de France, qualifiée pour les 1/4 de finale...🏀💪 On se revoient du coup dans 2 jours.

by Crazy Dunkers

Crazy Dunkers

Journée de repos aujourd’hui... on profites des activités de Ténérife ☀️🌴🌊

by Crazy Dunkers

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Crazy Dunkers

The Crazy Dunkers are known worldwide as the leader professional acrobatic slam dunk team. They reached this level thanks to their constant innovation and by their amazing performances on big events, from the NBA Europe games to the Olympic Games (Athens - Beijing - London).

Be sure to have the best entertainment for your audience with the Crazy Dunkers breathtaking shows of acrobatic slam dunk. 

As any successful innovation, the Crazy Dunkers have been copied, imitated. Nevertheless they keep being the team n°1 worldwide for its still unequalled references.


Take a look


Take a look at the new Crazy Dunkers show. The worldwide leaders of acrobatic dunk are always innovating and might surprise you one more time !


No matter what your problematic and context are, the Crazy Dunkers would suggest you the most adapted solution to your needs to give you the best show :

  • Adaptable shows depending your context
  • Professionalism
  • Confort and security
  • Initiation sessions

Do not hesitate and choose the best sport show worldwide for your event!

Guaranteed success!

Feel free to contact us for more information.